Poor creditworthiness? Now that’s not a problem!

The days when a customer with low creditworthiness bounced off the door of financial institutions are gone forever. Today, money can be borrowed even by a person who is in a poor financial and economic situation. Non-bank companies offer special products tailored to this type of customers. Each institution granting credits or loans is obliged

Is refinancing your loans legal?

The entry into force of the anti-usury law has imposed certain restrictions on non-bank companies to protect the interests of customers. First of all, it is about abolishing high commissions for extending payday payday limits and limiting them to a minimum so as not to drive clients into a spiral of debt. Borrowers who have

Compare the loan before you sign the contract

  Do you urgently need cash and don’t have time to waste it browsing through countless bank offers? Comparison of loan Checking bank websites is difficult for you to find all the necessary debt information? This is the most common reason people choose to commit themselves, which is not good for them. When choosing a

A loan on the spot, which is a quick money way

Just a few years ago, to borrow money you had to politely stand in a queue. Today you do not have to wait for anything and you can have a loan immediately. Just reach for the offers available online. We check why online payday loans are a great antidote to various financial needs. The non-bank

Credit Score Explanation

If you have applied for a loan or credit card then you have probably received a letter in the mail stating that a credit check has been made and based on it you have received a credit score. Most people probably care most about whether they are granted their application or not and therefore may

Can the lender terminate the contract with the client?

When taking a cash loan, we always have the right to withdraw from a contract with a loan company after fulfilling a few basic conditions. However, not only we can take advantage of this opportunity. Pursuant to the Civil Code, the lender also has the right to terminate the contract. A slightly different procedure According