Loan agreement

The loan agreement is the basis for secure cooperation between the client and the loan company. In it, you specify the parties to the contract, the cost of the loan, the rules on which the loan is granted, and more. In this article, we suggest what a well-structured loan agreement should contain. The law imposes

Fake Loan Companies that should get your attention

Although the majority of existing entities operate in accordance with the law on the payday loans market, there are simply dishonest companies. What should draw our attention if we come across such a company? Here are some important tips to help you verify that your online payday loan company can be taken seriously. Reliable loans

Can an incapacitated person take a non-bank loan?

Payday loan is an easily available financial product that virtually anyone can take. Since non-bank loans with the option of taking them online have become popular, many dishonest borrowers have been abusing this privilege. Sometimes, however, the incapacitated person applies for a loan, which according to the law prevents him from taking advantage of non-bank

Loan comparison – products for any purpose

  The period of Christmas and winter promotions is behind us. Currently, banks offer standard services that can be checked in a loan comparison prepared especially for all interested parties. You can easily gather all the information you need. It is a good solution for people who do not have time to waste it on

Compare cash loans – for your sake

You don’t want to pay too much and credit is inevitable? Compare cash loans and see the offers you can choose. It depends on how much you pay for the service you use, as well as whether you will feel completely satisfied with it. Regardless of whether you need only a small amount or you